Trident Taekwon-do group's website on a tablet and phone

James J Marketing’s Approach:

1. Content Review and Rewrite: As part of the website redesign process, James J Marketing performed a comprehensive content review to ensure that the messaging accurately reflected Trident’s values and offerings. Working closely with Trident Taekwondo Academy’s team, we rewrote the website content to align with Trident’s keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO). The revamped content not only enhanced the website’s visibility on search engines but also effectively communicated Trident’s unique selling points and benefits to potential students.

2. Outdoor Photoshoot for Branding: To further strengthen Trident’s branding and visual identity, James J Marketing undertook an outdoor photoshoot specifically tailored for the website and social media use. The photoshoot captured the essence of Trident Taekwondo Academy’s training sessions, instructors, and facilities, providing a diverse library of high-quality images for use across various marketing channels. The visually appealing imagery helped to convey Trident’s professionalism, authenticity, and commitment to excellence.

3. Social Media Management: In addition to the website redesign, James J Marketing implemented a comprehensive social media management strategy for Trident Taekwondo Academy. This included content creation, scheduling, and community engagement across key social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By curating engaging content, sharing class updates, and showcasing student achievements, we helped Trident build a strong online community and foster meaningful connections with current and prospective students.

4. Local Advertising Management and Ad Campaign: To further amplify Trident’s visibility and attract local students, James J Marketing managed local advertising campaigns targeted towards individuals in the Manchester area interested in martial arts and fitness with local well know children’s publication Raring to go. By leveraging geo-targeted ads, we ensured that Trident’s message reached the right audience at the right time, driving traffic to their website and increasing class registrations.

Results: The collaboration between Trident Taekwondo Academy and James J Marketing yielded significant results:

  • A modern and user-friendly website that effectively communicates Trident’s offerings and values.
  • Improved search engine visibility and website traffic through SEO-optimised content.
  • Enhanced brand recognition and credibility through professional outdoor photography.
  • Increased social media engagement and community building with regular, engaging content.
  • Successful local advertising campaigns driving targeted traffic and class registrations.

Through strategic website redesign, content creation, branding initiatives, and social media management, James J Marketing helped Trident Taekwondo Academy strengthen its online presence, attract new students, and foster a sense of community among its members. By aligning our efforts with Trident’s goals and values, we delivered a comprehensive solution that positioned Trident Taekwondo Academy for continued growth and success in the competitive martial arts industry.