1. Limited SEO Optimisation: The existing Wix website lacked proper SEO optimisation, hindering SSO Logistics’ visibility on search engines and limiting their online traffic.
  2. Inflexible Design: The design limitations of the Wix platform restricted SSO Logistics’ ability to customise their website layout and incorporate essential features for user engagement and conversion.

Our Approach:

  1. Website Conversion to WordPress: We began by converting SSO Logistics’ existing Wix website to a WordPress platform. WordPress offers greater flexibility, scalability, and SEO capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.
  2. New and Improved Layout Design: Our design team created a new, modern layout for the WordPress website, incorporating user-friendly navigation, clear calls-to-action, and visually appealing elements to enhance the user experience.
  3. SEO Optimisation: We conducted thorough keyword research and implemented on-page SEO techniques throughout the website, including optimised meta titles, descriptions, headers, and content. Additionally, we optimised site speed, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure to improve search engine rankings.
  4. HubSpot Integration: To streamline SSO Logistics’ marketing efforts and improve lead generation and customer relationship management, we integrated HubSpot into the WordPress website. HubSpot’s powerful tools for email marketing, CRM, and analytics provided SSO Logistics with the ability to track and nurture leads effectively.
  5. Content Migration and Enhancement: We migrated existing content from the Wix website to the new WordPress platform while also enhancing it to align with SEO best practices. This included updating product/service descriptions, adding relevant keywords, and creating new content where necessary to improve search visibility.
  6. Ongoing Hosting Support from James J Marketing: After the website launch, SSO Logistics opted for ongoing hosting support from James J Marketing. Our hosting packages offer reliable performance, security, and technical support to ensure the website remains accessible and optimised for peak performance.


  1. Increased Online Traffic: Following the launch of the new WordPress website, SSO Logistics experienced a significant increase in online traffic. The improved SEO optimisation and user-friendly design attracted more visitors to the site, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Enhanced SEO Performance: The transition to WordPress and the implementation of SEO best practices led to improved search engine rankings for SSO Logistics’ target keywords. The website began appearing higher in search results, resulting in increased visibility and organic traffic.
  3. Improved User Experience: The new layout and design of the website provided a more intuitive and seamless user experience for visitors. Clear navigation, engaging visuals, and optimised content helped users find the information they needed quickly and easily, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.
  4. Efficient Marketing Operations with HubSpot: The integration of HubSpot into the website enabled SSO Logistics to streamline their marketing operations and effectively manage leads and customer relationships. HubSpot’s robust features helped SSO Logistics improve lead generation and nurture prospects through targeted campaigns.

By converting SSO Logistics’ Wix website to a WordPress platform, implementing comprehensive SEO optimisation, integrating HubSpot, and providing ongoing hosting support, our agency successfully enhanced their online presence and visibility. The new website’s improved layout, user experience, and marketing capabilities contributed to increased online traffic, better search engine rankings, and ultimately, improved business outcomes for SSO Logistics.